5 Ways to Deal With Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common affliction that every writer will experience at one time or another. It is not a sign that you shouldn’t be writing, it’s just a reminder that writing is a process, and you can’t just rush through it. Even though it’s not inherently bad it’s still frustrating, especially when you have a deadline. Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with it.  

1. Reading

One of the best techniques is to read. By reading someone’s writing it helps your brain get into that writing mindset and it helps you subconsciously absorb proficient writing techniques. It might even help you with structuring your writing or remind you of a literary device that could be helpful for your piece. You can read anything from Long Term Care Insurance policies to children’s poetry. There is always something to be gained from reading even if the subject isn’t what you are personally writing about.

2. Free Writing

Others find it helpful to still write but not write about the prompt. Literally just try to write whatever they can in a judgment free frenzy. There are even apps that if you don’t write continuously for a specific amount of time it deletes what you previously wrote to motivate you not to stop. The thought behind this activity is that you are still writing and there might be some good thoughts or sentences that can be used for your actual piece. But this activity isn’t the same amount of pressure as working on a draft. 

3. Doing Other Productive Tasks

Some people find it helpful to distract themselves and do other tasks. Usually, a task they had been postponing like cleaning the kitchen or getting a Hybrid LTC plan. It’s understandable people want to put off tasks like these, especially Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance plans. Hybrid LTC insurance isn’t a fun thing to think about. But a Hybrid LTC plan is important to consider as you get older. By getting a Hybrid Long Term Care policy you are ensuring that you and your family don’t have to worry about your care as you grow older. By doing something completely different yet still productive you can feel good about your use of time and still give your mind a chance to reset. Even the act of doing self care like being on top of your Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance needs can be a way to spur you on to accomplish something else like your writing.

4. Doing Writing Exercises

Maybe you have the bandwidth to work on your writing, but you aren’t feeling up to actually writing. There are many “writing” exercises that don’t involve writing. Some of these include outlining or idea generation. Granted both of those involve some writing but it’s much less effort than trying to write even a first draft. If writing at all feels impossible there are other options like improv where you verbalize dialog with yourself or friends to test what characters would say and how they might interact. If you are an extrovert, improv might be a great option to get other people involved in your writing. For many improv can feel embarrassing so an alternative could be just talking to a close friend about your piece and what you want to do with it. This can be immensely helpful because if they need clarification or if something stands out to them it can really show you the gaps in your communication or show what is working. If you don’t feel like your friends are interested in your writing, there are many ways to connect with writer’s groups online! For some people it can be difficult to talk about their work with friends and family, so the online community of writers can be a nice safety net. 

5. Sleep On It

Finally, just putting the writing away and going to sleep. Coming back to your writing the next day. Sometimes this can feel like you are procrastinating, and if you do it for several days in a row you might be. But overall, it’s a fantastic way to come back to writing refreshed and maybe with a different mindset. Writing is demanding work. To articulate what you are thinking in a way that’s understandable and enjoyable to others is a daunting task. It’s healthy to give yourself a break and take a step back from your work!