About us

Who We Are

The Writers in Prison Network Ltd is one of the premier arts in criminal justice organizations in the United Kingdom that works towards raising self-esteem and discovering hidden talents amongst both offenders and staff. It was established in 1992. In 2004, it was awarded as Lord Longford Prize Winner.

We have already delivered over 120 residencies in prisons. We put writers and creative artists into prisons to deliver creative writing, drama, video, music, oral storytelling, journalism, creative reading, and publishing programs. We also aim to work with all levels of ability, from below level one literacy to beyond Ph.D., inspiring and engaging all members of the prison population.

Our Network provides 24/7 support for both writers and prisons throughout the residency.

Why We Are Here

Not all of us do the right way always. Some will always do the wrong ones. But that doesn’t mean they are already unforgivable and unacceptable. No. They will always be like us. After all, we are just humans. And humans aren’t perfect.
However, only a few understand this. Only a few are open to accepting them. What would happen then? Are they going to be lost, condemned, unwanted, and judged all throughout? NO. Why? Because they can always change. Not for the worst but for the better. It is just one’s effort to make them face the right track again. To be one of the good people again. And that’s what we aim to do in Writers in Prison Network.

We teach influence and develop the skills and perspectives of the offenders and even staff. We are here to provide them value. The value that is lost when they were indulged in immoral ways. We give them education and therapy through discovering their talents in creative writing and reading, drama, music, video, films, storytelling, publication, and journalism. We release their value of living through the arts. Because that way, they will again see the light inside their hearts and start to change for the better.